Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Trial

On April 15 2010, Microsoft announced that Office 2010 had been released to manufacturing, with those Volume Licensing customers who have Software Assurance being able to download the software from April 27. Availability in retail stores in the US is to be from June. [1] Now, Office 2010 Beta is available to download on Microsoft’s official website for free trial. The day before yesterday, I downloaded it into my hard drive. Today I have a chance to install it into my desktop at home. I do not use Office 2010 very long, but I still want to share in my feelings about this new version. At a glance at the Office 2010 Beta, its appearance has no big difference from its predecessor Office 2007. If you started Word 2010, the colorful screen won’t disappoint you. The round MS office icon on the top left has been modified into File menu, which seems to be more direct. That reminds me that for the first time I used Word 2007, I did not know where I could find the Print icon or menu. In addition, the File menu provides more choices than before. Through submenu Info, you can set up and view the information of the file, such as permissions. The trend for Microsoft Office is to integrate the components with Internet. This time, it is easily to publish and share the file with other users. At last, I want to say, as one of common Office 2007 users, it is easy to upgrade to Office 2010, but I won’t upgrade with extra cost.

1. Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Blog: Office 2010 Reaches RTM!


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