LaTeX Tricks (1)

Last night a simple version of my dissertation has been created by LaTeX. As a fresh hand in LaTeX, there are so many things to learn, especially the tricks. A short summary for my work last night could be found below:

  • Convert the .jpg file to .eps file:

LaTeX supports .eps files very well. It is possible to insert jpg pictures into LaTeX, also. From my experience last night, .jpg files maybe troublesome for LaTeX. Image-Pro Plus has ever been used to convert .jpg files into .eps files. Also, HP LaserJet 6P/6MP PostScript printer could do this job. Finally, I found another easy way. Now most TeX software embedded such kind of tools as bmeps.exe.[1] Type the following command under DOS mode in the folder where .jpg files are saved:

X:\bmeps *.jpg *.eps -c(if no -c, black and white pictures were generated).

  • Insert .eps files in LaTeX

As previous description, LaTeX supported .eps files for a long time, and they linked with each other very well. All the textbooks about LaTeX just gave a brief instruction on how to insert .eps files in LaTeX. But, when I was trying to do the same thing following the instruction, the results disappointed me. After having done research on the Internet, I found latexpdf command could not read .eps files.[2] The solution is to compile the TEX files using latex command, then convert. dvi files into pdf using dvipdf command.

And another webpage I found last night provides more LaTeX tricks, which is kept here for future use.[3]


1. Print .jpg files to .eps files (Chinese).
2. Problems during inserting .eps files into LaTeX(Chinese).
3. LaTeX tricks.


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