Top Kill Failed

After I stepped out of the plane from New York City to Beijing, I got to know that top kill failed and BP was about to start another plan. The new plan is to cut off the broken riser pipe, put a cap over it and use a new pipe to siphon oil to containment ships on the surface[1].  Till the moment I am writing this post, two attempts have been failed. BP began the third one[2]. This method has potential risks that the flow of oil could temporarily increase by 20% before the new device is put in place. Will this method work? I wish, but no confidence at all.

The failure of BP’s tries to stop the leakage is challenging the local community’s endurement[3, 4]. Even, BP gas stations were to reponsible for the incident[5]. In addition, lawmakers are considering tough new measures aimed at ensuring that the oil industry pays the economic and environmental costs of spills. The $75 million fine cap of oil spill may be changed to $10 billion or unlimited, which would make BP bankrupt[6]. Now only rational decision could save the planet and the people. I cannot agree with either the boycott to BP gas stations or unlimited fine on BP’s fault. It is much easier to ruin anything than create it. The environment is the one, so BP is.

1. After Top Kill Fails, BP Readies Plan B.

2. BP Set to Try Risky Move to Contain Flow.

3. Lawmaker disputes BP’s claims about underwater oil.

4. Gulf states lose patience with BP’s clean-up.

5. Boycott BP gas stations? That’s the wrong target.

6. Gulf oil spill: Angry lawmakers consider tough oil company liability measures


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