BP Crisis

Yesterday afternoon, when I was entering the United States at Newark Liberty International Airport, the response of the immigration officer I was talking to did not shock me that much. At that time, he asked me what I am studying in US. I replied with “petroleum, petroleum engineering”. “Ha, ha, ” he laughed with derision” what a funny thing!” After having proceeded the procedure of my entering US, he asked me what I learned from petroleum engineering. I answered with a word “remediation”. At last he told me that I should go to Louisiana to fix the problem there. Yes, I will. I didn’t palter with him actually. Gulf of Mexico oil spill is not only BP’s crisis, but also all the people involved with oil industry, even all the society. All the petroleum engineers and environmental engineers should work together to reduce the damage of crude oil from the gusher to the environment and people around Gulf of Mexico. I totally understood what the immigration officer, a normal American thinks about the incident, because I am one of them also.

From the attitude of the public in America, the Deepwater Horizon explosion has brought BP into a big crisis. Before the explosion, the stock price of BP was around $60, while it is around $31 now. Besides financial and public issues, BP crisis became political and international relation issue, too. Repeating emphasizing British is inappropriate, since it is a public company already. Furthermore, that would make a simple thing much more complex. Now people are concerning about the future of BP. To be honest, I cannot see any advantages of BP’s bankrupt or dismembered. The clean-up of oil spill and remediation of local area needs a strong support of cash. Moreover, that would make the US economy worse.


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