CO2 Flooding–Combined EOR and CCS

During the past week, it was very hot in New York City and Beijing area. People there were complaining the extreme hot weather. In Rolla, MO, where I am living, the temperature was not very high, I still need drink a lot of water. Usually I prefer not to turn on air conditioner, not only for saving the money, but also saving the energy. Despite of the high temperature in summer, extreme weathers such as low temperature in winter, floods, storms are bothering people around the world. Once people doubted the global warming due to cold winter. Also the hacked emails and documents from a computer server at a British university caused a stir among global warming skeptics. Simply speaking, global warming for earth is similar to fever for human being. Fever would make people feel hot, but also cold, as we know. The excessive carbon dioxide produced by human being is overwhelming, which is extremely higher than the earth could bear. Just like the United States has borrowed billions of US dollars from other countries, which caused the financial crisis from the year of 2008. Carbon dioxide sequestration, also called carbon capture and storage, is a useful way to diminish or mitigate the global warming. Several days ago, Ms. Lea Phillips in EOR / IOR – ULTIMATE OIL RECOVERY group on forwarded a newsletter “Enhanced Oil Recovery A Key Component For CCS Economics” to other group members. That is common sense among people who are participating in enhanced oil recovery practice. Before the concept of global warming prevails around the world, the pilot test of CO2 flooding has been implemented (Shell, West Texas in 1970). One of the limitations of CO2 flooding is the lack of gas source. While in US, the most advanced EOR technology is CO2 flooding, because US has plenty of CO2 resources. The situation of global warning promoted the carbon dioxide sequestration in geological formations, such as oil and gas reservoirs, unmineable coal seams, and deep saline reservoirs. So, CCS provides the gas source for CO2 flooding, which is a win-win game.


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