The Fall of BP?

After deepwater horizon explosion, the destination of bp came to our mind. What is the future of this oil giant? There is a discussion about the fall of bp within the Global Petroleum Forum group on, which was originally posted on Obviously, people who involved in oil industry won’t believe that would happen in the future, while others will. Just now, I occasionally found another article about bp, which predicted that BP potentially more devastating than Lehman. I am not very familiar with the financial market that well, since I have taken several courses in finance. I have to say the author’s concern makes some sense. BP said to be in talks with Apache to sell assets for Gulf of Mexico Funds, which is part of death spiral. In my opinion, the strategy of US government on Gulf of Mexico oil spill is not very wise. Maybe BP could be survive or dead due to punishment and fine because of oil spill, while US government could earn nothing but worse economy. At last, I would like congratulate Spain on the new world cup championship! I am not a fan of Spain national soccer team, but they are the best this time. Diego Armando Maradona and his Argentina national soccer team are still the heroes in my mind!


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