Developments in Petroleum Sciences

Another textbook sources in petroleum engineering I want to recommend is the Elsevier’s Developments in Petroleum Sciences book series. This series provides “a comprehensive source of detailed information on all aspects of Petroleum Sciences”. The details about this series could be found at Until now, 56 volumes have been published from the year of 1975. This series continues to publish in the future as shown on that page. Because I was working on MEOR as I described before, I got to know the Chinese version of Vol 22, Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery by Drs. Erle C. Donaldson, George V. Chilingarian, and Teh Fu Yen. Later, I got Volume 39, Microbial Enhancement of Oil Recovery-Recent Advances, Proceedings of the 1992 International Conference on Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery by Drs. Eugene T. Premuzic and Avril Woodhead. These two books offered me the brief idea of MEOR and fundamental information of that technology. Years later, because of research project, I made use of Volume 8, Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by Dr. L.P. Dake. The titles and authors of each volume have been listed in the following table. Some of them are out of print. Maybe you can find the one you need in local library.


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