Oil Spill Rally?

The news about oil spill in Gulf of Mexico is still showing on TV or other media, while another explosion happened in Dalian, Liaoning, China last Friday. An explosion first hit a 0.9 meter-diameter oil pipeline around 6pm and triggered an adjacent smaller pipeline to explode near Dalian Xingang Port1, 2. Flames were basically extinguished Saturday morning, 15 hours after blasts hit two oil pipelines3. More than 2,000 men and 338 fire engines from 14 cities across the province worked through the night to extinguish the fire3. As results of a State Administration of Work Safety and Ministry of Public Security investigation showed yesterday, improper desulfurizer injections into the oil pipeline that exploded in the northeast China port city of Dalian on July 16 caused its explosion4. According to the state-run China Central Television estimation, 1500 tons (around 10000 barrels) of oil flew into the ocean5. The oil spill does harm to the fishery industry and tourism, also the wildlife terribly. Till Jul. 21st, oil had reportedly spread over an area of 430 square kilometers, prompting a dispersal mission along the coast5. More than 23 tons of oil-eating bacteria have been sent to clean up the oil spill, along with chemical agents and lengthy floating barrages5, 6. Over 1,000 fishing boats were mobilized recently to join the oil spill cleanup operation after the oil pipe explosion7. Meanwhile a lot of fishermen and volunteers also came to the shore on their own to clear up crude oil in an attempt to retrieve the beautiful beachscape of former days7. The rough conditions made the oil spill clean-up work tough. A 25-year-oil firefighter, Liang Zhang(last name), drown on Tuesday when a wave threw him from a vessel5. Since the accident is still under investigation, the oil pipeline resumed after an oil tanker berthed at the port8, 9.

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