True or False?

There is a famous saying that seeing is believing. But, after Photoshop emerged, the rule has been changed. On Jul. 19th, John Aravosis exposed a poorly doctored photo of the company’s crisis command center in Houston that had been posted to the official crisis response websiter1. Brian Barrett found out another photo which has been altered2. Shortly, BP posted a set of its doctored images on Flicker to try to win back credibility after admitting staff used Photoshop to alter photographs of command center3, 4. On the Flicker page, three doctored pictures and their originals have been posted. A contractor of BP was responsible for this fault according to BP’s explanation. Before BP took those measures, Carl Franzen, a web journalist, also gave the possible reasons why bp would photoshop its crisis command center5.

1. BP photoshops fake photo of crisis command center, posts on main BP site.

2. BP photoshops another official image terribly.

3. BP Altered Images.

4. BP posts originals of doctored oil spill images.

5. Why Would BP Photoshop Its Crisis Command Center?


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