Petroleum Engineering Handbook

In the year of 2006, SPE published a set of reference books, which is called Petroleum Engineering Handbook. This set of books included seven volumes and covered general engineering, drilling engineering, facilities and construction engineering, production operations engineering, reservoir engineering, emerging and peripheral technologies, and indexes and standards. The 2006 edition handbook could be traced back to the 1962 edition Petroleum Production Handbook by Thomas C. Frick as Editor-in-Chief and the 1987 edition Petroleum Engineering Handbook by Howard B. Bradley as Editor-in-Chief. The 1962 edition handbook had two volumes (Vol. 1: Mathematics, Production Equipment, and Vol. 2: Reservoir Engineering) and contained 48 chapters. The 1987 edition updated the original chapters and added 11 new ones, since only one volume had been kept. That resulted in a ponderous “brick”, with 8.8 pounds in weight. I had to remind the time I carried it to campus every day. The new added 11 chapters included the advancements of the petroleum technologies, such as enhanced oil recovery, computer application, logging tools, and new production tools. The latest edition expanded to more than 100 chapters by Larry W. Lake as Editor-in-Chief. Each volume also has an editor. The related information was listed in the following table.


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