Desktops and Laptops I Have

Today I want to talk about the computers I have. Now I have three laptops (Dell Inspiron 600m, Lenovo ThinkPad T400, and IBM ThinkPad X61t) and two desktops (Dell Dimension 5150, and unbranded) at home. Usually I use one laptop (T400) and one desktop (5150) at the same time. In Oct. 2004, I bought 600m from the official website. At that time, my first choice was IBM ThinkPad T41. Because of my limited budget, I had to give it up. A type of Gateway laptop fell into my eyes later. Unfortunately, when I decided to purchase it at Bestbuy, the price went up, which exceeded my budget. Then, there was a deal on dell’s website. I spent $1300 on 600m with $150 mail-in-rebate. It seemed to be a not bad deal, but a month later, Dell cut the price into half because of the new products introduced. Not the worst, only worse. Within the warranty period, I replaced the keyboard, touchpad, optical drive, and the screen. Until the summer 2006, I cannot bear it any more, then I purchased the 5150. The only reason that I bought Dell’s product is the cheap price. I replaced the keyboard and mouse within the warranty, too. Sometimes the machine could not start up. Also the LCD monitor did not display anything after I press the power button. I heard that there was extended warranty from the credit card company. The results I discussed with citi were not bad. I replaced the power unit supply and monitor with their help. In addition, I added one 250GB hard drive in 2007, then replaced a 1.5TB hard drive early this year. Also the memory was upgraded from 1GB to 3GB. A good deal of video card from MSI offer the computer an HDMI connection. This desktop runs very well till now. Usually when I was working on my T400, 5150 is playing music or broadcasting tv programs via internet. In Jan. 2009, I found a deal from Lenovo outlet website, then I spent around $650 on this new T400. This cool and quiet lappy offers me a lot of help on work and study. Last month, there was something wrong with the OS due to upgrading software. A couple of weeks ago I restored the computer into factory configuration. Despite of two malfunction keys on the keyboard, it looks like a brand new one. In fact before I purchased T400, I bought one HP tx2500z. I intended to buy x61t, but the cheaper one interested me more. That tablet PC with Windows Vista Business ran very slowly, even slower than a 10-year-old desktop in my office. Besides, the overheat caused the computer freeze frequently. Finally I returned it, although HP offered me more compensations. My wife knew I had a complex for tablet PC, especially for x61t. Last summer, she gave one to me as a gift. When I received the x61t, I found that overheat is the common characteristic among tablet PCs. Also, Windows Vista consumed too much resources. Once I wanted to change it to windows XP Tablet version or windows 7. It is not very wise to spend extra money on the old OS. And it is not very easy to find the compatible driver for the new OS. The only thing I can do is leaving it alone. A friend of mine gave an unbranded desktop without screen to me last month. There is no hard drive in the box. I can put the 250GB hard drive which I uninstall from 5150. If I had time later, I would set it up and connect it with the only monitor I have via D-sub port.


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