Books about Superabsorbent Polymer

If we are talking about superabsorbent polymer (SAP), we could not ignore the most famous book Modern Superabsorbent Polymer Technology edited by Fredreic L. Buchholz, and Andrew T. Graham from Dow Chemical. It gives a comprehensive review on the structure, properties, and applications of SAPs. In this book, the properties of SAPs varies with the synthesis chemistry has been discussed. Also, the comparison of industrial practices between major manufactures has been done. The analytical methods to evaluate the properties and behaviors of SAPs also were described within the context. New SAP products were introduced, too. Besides, the current and emerging applications of SAPs in personal care, horticulture, construction, and other areas have been mentioned. What a pity three is nothing about the applications of SAPs in oil and gas industry, what I have been done for a couple of years. Maybe because the book was born too early to cover this new application.

There are another two books in which an individual chapter reviewed the SAPs: Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology(Vol. 8), and Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Since both of the two sources only have around 20 pages, I prefer to the latter one, because which provided more well organized words.


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