Free From Oil?

Just now I read an article, why America needs to free itself from oil, written by Jonathan Powers, a veteran of the war in Iraq. The author listed several reasons which I won’t repeat here. Now the problem is not why but how America or human being free itself from oil. Everybody knows the important of the oil to the society, and how we addict to oil in our daily life. Scientists offer several alternatives to oil and other fossil fuel, such as hydrogen, biofuels, wind and solar, etc. The future of those alternative energy resources is attractive. What about now? Stop using oil? Hey, are you crazy? Two years ago, I believed Mr. McCain was the right choice for American, whose ideas sounded more reasonable than President Obama. Everybody wants “Change!”, but how changes come closer to us? From the time President Obama moved into the White House, I guessed the end of oilmen’s happy lives was coming. In fact, I could imagine the threats of high oil price to the economy at 2007 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in Anaheim, CA, on which day the oil price broke its highest record to $100 per barrel. That is why I signed on a movement named “The Coalition to Stop Oil Speculation Now”. After the oil price reached its highest ever record to $147 per barrel in the summer of 2008, it began to decline until around $30 per barrel. At the same time, the economy crisis hit the America and the world. Now the oil price stays at around $80 per barrel for a long time, which seems to be acceptable due to the depreciation of US dollars. Under such a bad economy, who is going to pay for the high cost alternative energy? In the article “Investing in Algae Biofuel” by Nick Hodge, the author presented the advantages of algae biofuel, while in another article “5 Companies Making Fuel From Algae Now” by Jeremy Jacquot, the author pointed out that algal biofuels still cost too much to produce—over $8 per gallon. Besides, the biofuel from corn or other food crops will cause the problem, to human beings or to the automobiles. OK, let’s come back to the question how America or human beings could free from oil. I am a conservative person in politics, and I prefer to do everything step-by-step. In nowadays, the most efficient way is to make people learn how to save energy. Everybody should know that the cheap oil age has gone and don’t rush into alternative energy age!


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