Scaling Up Alternative Energy (Science: 2010Aug13)

On Aug. 13th, 2010, Science, the top ranked weekly journal published an issue with special section in Scaling Up Alternative Energy. This special section overviews worldwide efforts to develop clean, renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Donald Kenney, the Editor Emeritus of Science, offered an editorial titled as “Beyond Petroleum“, in which the author briefly talked about the slogan initialed by BP and introduced the failure of stopping addiction to oil and the problems alternative fuels are facing. Mr. David Malakoff with two editors of Science Magazine summarized the special issue.  The introductory- ” Getting Better to Get Bigger” strung up all the stories.

News stories highlight some of the challenges associated with making this energy transition, Perspectives take an in-depth look at how researchers hope to scale up biofuels development, and a Review discusses a two-stage approach for expanding nuclear power generation. An all-energy podcast features interviews with authors of the special section.

Science is making access to this special section FREE until 27 August 2010. A simple registration is required for non-subscribers, except for items marked with unrestricted, which have unrestricted access.

Below please check out the contents of this special section in this issue:


Getting Better To Get Biggerunrestricted

David Malakoff, Jake Yeston, Jesse Smith

Online ExtraScience Podcast: Alternative Energy

An all-energy show includes interviews about transitioning away from fossil fuels, challenges of nuclear waste disposal, and biofuel crops.


Do We Have the Energy For the Next Transition?unrestricted

Richard A. Kerr

Sending African Sunlight to Europe, Special Delivery

Daniel Clery

Is There a Road Ahead For Cellulosic Ethanol?

Robert F. Service

Infographic: Energy’s Tricky Tradeoffsunrestricted

Adrian Cho

Out of Site

Eli Kintisch

Other Siting Problems

Eli Kintisch


Feedstocks for Lignocellulosic Biofuels

C. Somerville et al.

Challenges in Scaling Up Biofuels Infrastructure

T. L. Richard

An Outlook on Microalgal Biofuelsunrestricted

R. H. Wijffels and M. J. Barbosa


Generating the Option of a Two-Stage Nuclear Renaissance

R. W. Grimes and W. J. Nuttall

Also of Interest in This Issue:

Editorial: Beyond Petroleum?
Donald Kennedy

Policy Forum: Nuclear Waste: Knowledge Waste?
E. A. Rosa et al.

Perspective: Concentrating on Solar Electricity and Fuels
M. Roeb and H. Müller-Steinhagen


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