ExxonMobil’s Perspectives

Occasionally I found a blog named Perspectives by Ken Cohen, who is vice president of public and government affairs for Exxon Mobil Corporation. It is the official blog of ExxonMobil Corporation’s. Within the blog, Ken shared in his company and his own viewpoints on ExxonMobil and energy issues. As he said, Perspectives is the  “energy issues and policy blog” of ExxonMobil’s, through which the dialogue on the energy challenges we all face should be encouraged. He talks about ideas and actions from industry, governments, researchers and many others that affect the world of energy. All his posts have been categorized into Tax Policy, Safety, Energy Outlook, Algae Biofuels, Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability, Energy Technology, Reducing Emissions, and Miscellaneous. From the names of those categorizes’, it is very easy to tell the issues he talks. After I read a couple of posts, I cannot help recommending this blog here, because they are very interesting, and instructive.


3 Responses to ExxonMobil’s Perspectives

  1. david michel says:

    people are stupid

  2. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

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