Forbidden City

Note: This is not guide to the Forbidden City. In this post, I wrote down a trip to the famous place with someone I believe I should introduce to people here.

If you have opportunity to visit China, you should go for the Capital of China, and Forbidden City is a must-go place. I have been there for twice, when I was a graduate student in China. For the first time, I went there with a friend from Korea. Later, one year after the first time, I went there again with a guest from Russia, Dr. Valery F. Galchenko, the Director of Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology, Russian Academy of Sciences. He was not very tall, but looked energetic. We walked very quickly, thus the trip was extremely short. During the tour, mainly we talked about the Forbidden City.  Sometimes, he introduced some projects he did before. We entered the Forbidden City through one side of the main entrance, Meridian Gate and left through another side of it. As we know, the Forbidden City is the world’s largest surviving palace complex and covers 720,000 square meters. (In fact, wikipedia has a comprehensive introduction to the Forbidden City.)

Vista runs really, really slowly. I hade to stop and resume writing Later.


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