Linfen, the Most Polluted City on the Earth?

Last week, Huffinton Post provided a slide show entitled “9 of the Most Polluted Places in the World”. Unfortunately, Linfen, China was listed as the top 1 on the list. The worse thing is that that is not exactly true. I cannot tell where the photo of Linfen on the website came from and when it was taken. According to speaker from Shanxi Environmental Protection, in the year of 2009, ambient air quality for more than two days was up to 334 days, integrated pollution index of 1.72, down 68.5% in comparison to 2005. Linfen, the last one among one among the 113 China’s major metropolitan areas in 2005,  jumped to no. 29 in 2009. Besides, we could not ignore the efforts China has taken on environmental protection these years. At the end of the last year, China has announced it plans to invest up to $454 billion (£274 billion) in environmental protection in the five years to 2015, with about one third earmarked for pollution control facilities, which will exceed that of the US and Japan as Liu Zhiquan, an official with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In the previous posts, I told you that I was an Environmental Engineering student before. I completely understand what those Environmentalists think. But, I do not agree with some of them, especially those extreme environmentalists, such as the guy named James Lee, who hijacked the Discovery Channel for his unsatisfying its environmental pro grammes and finally was shot by the police. Of course environmentalists are not terrorists, but I really cannot agree with what some members of Greenpeace have done. We should protect the only planet we human being have, but people need food, energy, and happy life. Shall we go back to the primitive society? Certainly not. Nobody on the earth really want to do such a  stupid thing. What should we do then? That is a big issue. I cannot give an answer within limited time and in a post. If you want to know, maybe the World Expo 2010 Shanghai would be a good choice for you.


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