Life after Death

When I was in primary school, I do know why I was very scared of death. Also, I tried my best to imagine the life after death. Till now I cannot give myself an answer to it, yet. I do not consider religions are tools to solve the problem, but they might take a role. Before the age of 8, I lived with my grandparents (my mom’s parents) in a small village. My grandma believed in something I did not understand. It might be called ancestor and/or heaven worship. Sometimes she asked to kneel down in front of the portrait of some Gods. Usually I fellow her words. Once I asked her why I should do that to a portrait. She was really unhappy with me and even wanted to beat me. After that, each time I still fellow her words because I respected her instead of the Gods she believed. Another grandma of mine (my dad’s mom) is a loyal Buddhist. She always practices at home. With the religion she is happy and healthy. I got to know Christianity since I was studying in graduate school in China. After I came to US, I had much more opportunity to get in touch with the religion and the people. Frequently I went to Chinese Christian church, where I can meet a lot of Chinese. Sometimes I went to the Church, where only few people were Chinese. I like the music there. I regarded it as live concert. I appreciate the joys the religion brought to me, but I had to say because I never believe in the God, I could not be a Christian since so many Christian friends tried to persuade me. I remember at the last time I went to the local church, I talked a close friend that I would like to be a friend of Christian, but I could not be a Christian. That is the viewpoint of mine on religion.

What made me to write the above words? That is what I am going to say here. A pastor from Florida said he is going to burn Qurans on the coming attach anniversary of 9.11. Recently the plan of Quran-burning irrigated the Islamic world. Some politicians including President Obama announced to object such an extreme activity. Then, he said the Quran-burning has been cancelled. Is it the end? I am not sure.

In fact, this argument of Quran-burning made me think President Obama’s attitude on the mosque close to World Trade Center, which was destroyed by terrorists on Sept. 11th, 2001. The freedom of religion should be the primary reason he backs the Islam Center. But I am wondering if he has ever considered the ideas of New Yorker, especially those suffered from the tragedy. The America has tremendous land and there are so many Islam Centers in this country. Is it must or necessary for them to build the mosque there to arouse the dyspathy of New Yorker? In my opinion, the freedom of someone’s has to take others’ into consideration. For example, I like listening to music loudly, should I play the music at the maximum voice to annoy others? Definitely not.


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