Web Browsers

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Maxthon when I introduced JDownloader. That is the latest web browser I am using. On Sep. 15th, Microsoft unveiled  Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta in San Francisco, CA. To be honest, I am not very interested in IE since I got to know Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Especially when I saw some snapshots of IE 9, I found it has now much more similarity with the above 3 web browsers, such as the most visited webpages, and download tools. I heard that IE 9 runs fast, but I cannot experience and proof it now because I only have Windows XP on hands, which could not be compatible with IE 9. Before 2000, there were few web browsers on the market, such as IE and Netscape Navigator. At that time, IE was integrated with Windows, the Operating System. Later, Microsoft was accused of monopoly abuse over IE for several times by United States government1 and European Commission2. I began using Firefox because of Google. Before Chrome, Google recommended Firefox. I used Netscape Navigator for a while. The computer in the lab I have the administrator privilege still has it. Now Chrome and Opera are the most frequently used web browsers I am using. I cannot tell which one runs faster. To protect the computer and avoid the ad on the webpages, I use Opera much more. I believe Google Chrome is more compatible with the service Google provides, in fact which has not been confirmed, yet.

1. United States v. Microsoft.

2. Microsoft accused of monopoly abuse over IE.


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