WordPress Replaces Windows Live Spaces

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it would migrate all Windows Live Spaces blogs over to WordPress.com platform1. Long time ago (I am not sure the exact time, maybe 4 or 5 years ago), I set up an account on Windows Live Spaces, but I did not write too much there. Actually I used Xanga.com for a couple of years. Early this year, I regarded http://my.opera.com as notebook for my lab work with restriction. Once I got to know that WordPress blogging is integrated with linkedin.com, I determined to open a blog here. The purpose of this blog is going to show my ideas about life, science and others except for my personal life. I think it is really strange to expose my private to unanimous.

From the above words, the migration has no effect on my blog. According to the report, more than 30 million users have to begin using the new platform2. Microsoft gave an answer why Spaces is going to move to WordPress.com instead of upgrading itself3. In a word, at least Spaces is not so good as WordPress.com2. There is a hypothesis that Microsoft is going to acquire WorldPress.com in the future for this announcement2.

From the Q&A, there are four options for Windows Live Spaces users:

  • Upgrade your blog by migrating to WordPress.com.
  • Download your blog to your computer.
  • Delete your space permanently.
  • Wait and see in the next few months3.

Based on the Q&A, the migration is automatic with limitations. The old posts (including the comments, the photos and other media integrated with the post) are ok, but the drafts, modules (including the photos in the module), themes, gadgets, guestbook, lists, and notes could not be moved4.


1. Windows Live Spaces moves to WordPress.

2. Microsoft culls Windows Live Spaces for WordPress.com-acquisition possible?

3. Why is Spaces moving to WordPress?

4. Please Read: FAQs concerning moving your Space to WordPress.


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