How to Become a Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

1. If you were born in a non-western country, the only way is to attack the government funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), even subvert the government, or split the country into pieces.

Dalai Lama (1989)

Gorbachev (1990)

Suu Kyi (1991)

Liu (2010)

2. If you were born in western country, try to become the leader of the government and stop an ongoing war over another country.

KissingerLe (1973)

ArafatPeresRabin (1994)

GoreIPCC (2007)

Ahtisaari (2008)

Obama (2009)

The Nobel Literature Prize laureates have the similar characteristics as the  Peace Prize laureates.

Just now I read an article The Peace prize’s Subversive Potential, The Soviet Union faced pressure after Andrei Sakharov won the Nobel in 1975. Now it’s China’s turn by Mr. Gal Beckerman, the author of When They Come for US, We’ll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry. The author listed the similarity between the two prize, even the governments’ response to the announcement. After having read his opinion, I cannot agree with Chinese government any more. The Soviet Union has gone, should communist China follow the similar rule? As a Chinese citizen, I hope not. Of course Chinese needs more human rights and democracy, but the pressure from the foreign government is not welcome. The democratization of China is on its own road now. Unfortunately the unsuitable Nobel Peace Prize will decelerate the progress, because the people and the government can feel the enmity from western countries. Just like the exchange issue between US and China, the only result of the pressure from US government is making the situations worse, although the Chinese Yuan has become much stronger than before.

BTW, I wanted to say something about the journalist on China and Chinese. I recalled an article about Xinjiang on St. Louis Post Dispatch a couple of years ago (I tried to search it online but failed, thus I cannot offer the source this time). During the interview, a local Han-Chinese made comment on the Uighurs that they do not have “culture”. In Chinese, culture means not only “all the knowledge and values shared by a society” but “education; culture; schooling; literacy”. Certainly the Uighurs have their unique cultures, but some of them are lack of knowledge in science, which leads to job loss or low income. I am sure the comment means the latter instead of attacking the ethic group. If that happened in US, I guess the commentator may be accused of discrimination.

One more question here. If you are detained at home by police, could you use cell phone, or access to internet and post words on twitter? The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s wife could. Very interesting, huh? 🙂

Updated (Oct 27, 2010):

The Nobel Peace Prize has become an anti Chinese government tool , just as Geir Lundestad, one judge of Norwegian Nobel committee said during a talk at Oxford University, “the Chinese government solved the problem for us. On 25 December 2009, they punished him, they sentenced him to 11 years in prison.” The logic of the committee is a dissident from China should be awarded the prize after he was sentenced into prison without considering the fact that he broke the law he should obey as a citizen. Above all, the committee is sucking up to Western government and slapping others’ face instead of realizing Nobel’s dream.


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