and Kingsoft Office 2010

The trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 on my laptop has been expired early today. I had to uninstall the software suite and try to find an alternative. I have a genuine copy of Microsoft Office 2003 bought on campus several years ago. Unfortunately I do not bring the disk with me. Thus, I had to give Microsoft Office up.

As I know, there are several alternative software to Microsoft Office. I used Kingsoft WPS which stands for Word Processing System on MS-DOS operating system, and its successors, WPS 97 and WPS Office series. The personal edition of Kingsoft WPS Office (Chinese) is free for all Chinese users. This time, I chose another free office suite, or OOo, which could be run on multi-platform. The latest stable version is 3.2.1, while I selected the release candidate, 3.3.0. This office suites includes OOo Writer(similar to MS Word), Base (MS Access), Calc(MS Excel), Impress (MS PowerPoint), Draw (CorelDraw), and Math (MS Equation Editor). A snapshot of OOo could be found at the end of this paragraph. The free software suite could be satisfied the needs of MS Office users, but also provide some extra applications, such as exporting the file into PDF format without Adobe Acrobat. Up to now I am used to the one I have never used before.

A Snapshot of Office Suite

BTW, the row between Tencent QQ and Qihoo 360 sounded the alarm of privacy security. It is said that both of them may grab the users’ personal information on the computer without notice. And now they are exclusive of each other. I do not care about it that much, because I seldom use either of them now. In fact the row offers their competitors an opportunity to give help to the users. Kingsoft Duba(Internet Security, and/or Anti-Virus Suites) and Kaspersky Lab could be used for one year without paying any money in China Mainland market. If you are interested, you need to visit their Chinese websites. There are bunches of free software online, I believe if you want you can have a computer which could satisfy the daily needs without paying a penny on software.


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