Defending Diaoyu Islands’ Sovereignty

About two years ago, the author has introduced the Diaoyu Islands and the dispute between China and Japan here1. On Wednesday(August 15th, 2012) afternoon, several activists from HK on a fishing boat successfully landed on Diaoyu Islands with national flag of People’s Republic of China, flag of Hong Hong, and the Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth flag(national flag of Republic of China)2. But all the 14 activists were detained by police in Okinawa Prefecture after their success3. This group left Hong Kong on August 12th, 2012 and the goal was to plant Chinese flags on Diaoyu Islands with other groups of activists from Mainland China and Taiwan on August 15th, the anniversary of the day that Japan surrendered during World War II4. It was a pity that the groups from Mainland China and Taiwan could not take part in this activity for some reasons5. The islands were claimed as part of Yilan County, Taiwan Province, China by Chinese governments, while controlled under Ishigaki, Okinawa6. This success won’t change the current status of Diaoyu Islands, and no war or conflict about the islands could happen. Thus, before the reunification of China, the activity of defending Diaoyu Islands’ Sovereignty will continue by the civilians instead of the government or the troops due to the complex relationship across the strait. The governments involved in Diaoyu Islands have to face the pressure from the citizens.


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