The World’s Biggest Oil Companies

Different criterions give you different rankings of the oil companies. Usually in this industry, the production and the reserve are the most useful factors to assess the companies. It is really difficult to tell the reserve a state-owned oil company have, usually which is regarded as top secret, sometimes even the oil company publicized its reserve but the figure was still not convincing1. In this following 2012 ranking of the world’s biggest is based on the combined volumes of oil and natural gas that these companies produce each day, which allows the comparison of private sector and state-owned oil companies.2, 3.


1. 2012 working interest production volumes calculated by Wood Mackenzie reflects oil plus the energy equivalent in natural gas2.

2. The unit of working interest production volumes is million barrels per day(mbpd).

3. The owners were listed in the parenthesis if a company is state-owned or a public company controlled by the government.

4. The Wikipedia pages of the companies have been hyperlinked.

Saudi Aramco(Saudi Arabia) 12.5 mbpd

Gazprom(Russia) 9.7 Mbps

National Iranian Oil Co.(Iran) 6.4 mbpd

ExxonMobil 5.3 mbpd

PetroChina 4.4 mbpd

BP 4.1 mbpd

Royal Dutch Shell 3.9 mbpd

Pemex(Mexico) 3.6 mbpd

Chevron 3.5 Mbps

Kuwait Petroleum Company 3.2 mbpd

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company(the United Arab Emirates) 2.9 mbpd

Sonatrach(Algeria) 2.7 mbpd

Total 2.7 mbpd

Petrobras(Brazil) 2.6 mbpd

Rosneft(Russia) 2.6 mbpd

Iraqi Oil Ministry(Iraq) 2.3 mbpd

Qatar Petroleum(Qatar) 2.3 mbpd

Lukoil 2.2 mbpd

Eni 2.2 mbpd

Statoil 2.1 mbpd

ConocoPhillips 2.0 mbpd

Petroleos de Venezuela(Venezuela) 1.9 mbpd

Sinopec 1.6 mbpd

Nigerian National Petroleum Company 1.4 mbpd

Petronas(Malaysia) 1.4 mbpd


1. WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil to keep a lid on prices.

2. The World’s 25 Biggest Oil Companies.

3. Petroleum Intelligence Weekly Ranks World’s Top 50 Oil Companies.


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