Expand MacOS Built-in Dictionary

Two months ago, I purchased a Mid 2012 version 13″ MacBook Air with Mac OS 10.8.2 Mountain Lion installed1. It did not take a very long time for me to be familiar with the basic operation of the new OS. I know MacOS has a built-in dictionary application, and sometimes I use it to learn some new words I saw online, since I have been used to look up the new words on Merriam Webster online dictionary2. A couple of days ago, I took a test to estimate my English vocabulary online, which made me resume learning English again. Also, it is a good way to learn English by reading newspaper and professional textbooks and articles. Obviously, more and more new words I could see. Then I did research on how to expand the Dictionary application built-in MacOS. It is possible to add more dictionaries into the application from the online resources. I followed the steps shown in an article [Mac]使用系统自带的词典程序快速取词翻译(fast pick-and-translate the words using built-in dictionary application)3.

To expand the Dictionary application, we need a small tool name DictUnifier, which is free and could be downloaded from google codes4. Also, the must have dictionaries could be downloaded from StarDict Dictionaries5.

After having downloaded the DictUnifier and dictionaries, open the software and drag the dictionary file into the software, wait until the file is uncompressed, convert, and put into the folder automatically. Then setup the Dictionary in the Preference, such as the preferred dictionaries and the sequence of the dictionaries.

Finally, with the correct dictionary, you will know the meaning of a word in any language to another language with the application.

1. Apple MacBook Air specifications

2. Merriam Webster online dictionary

3.[Mac]使用系统自带的词典程序快速取词翻译(fast pick-and-translate the words using built-in dictionary application)

4.Mac Dictionary Kit

5.StarDict Dictionaries — 星际译王词库 词典下载


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